Neighborhood Watch

This Neighborhood Watch Program is about teaching all homeowners how to be safer in homes and not the typical crime watch program where you have block captains and patrols.  By having subdivision participation in the training meetings, Savannah Oaks will be able to erect a crime watch sign like the one pictured below.  We need residents to turn out for the Neighborhood Watch Meetings in order to qualify for this program.

More information regarding Savannah Oak's Neighborhood Watch Program can be accessed here.







Subdivision Covenants

The Amended Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements (as per the S.O.H.A. meeting of January 16, 2012) can be downloaded by clicking here.

The most common covenant violations are the following:

Parking on the grass or street,
Trash cans in view from the street,
Lawn care and weed control,
Grass clippings in the street,
Basketball goals,
Parking of commercial vehicles overnight, and
Trailers in view from the street

Thank you to the many residents that have helped to make Savannah Oaks a great place to live.