The following are helpful links to find out more information about Neighborhood Watch Program(s) and things you can do to keep your subdivision and home safe from crime/criminals:

National Crime Prevention Council: View Site
McGruff The Crime Dog: View Site
Barrow County Crime Prevention: View Site

Contacts for Savannah Oaks Neighborhood Watch

The following are important contacts regarding Savannah Oaks' Neighborhood Watch:

Barrow County Sheriff's Office - Crime Prevention Contact: Corporal James "Buck" L. Stover
(770) 307-3080, Ext. 3971

Our last meeting was held on October 4th, 2011. At the meeting, we all learned about "Target Hardening, Making Your Home A Safer Place". The following items were addressed:

Appearance (i.e., landscaping)

One suggestion provided was to make sure tree limbs drop no lower than 7 feet and bushes around your home remain under 3 feet. These landscape height suggestions can prevent a person from hiding behind your landscaping while breaking into your home. It also gives law enforcement good visibility of your house if they are ever looking for a suspect.

If you missed the meeting, you will want to view some of the tips we learned. There's a great summary of some of the things we learned at the meeting. Click HERE to download the document.

Note: The document is in PDF format. If you wish to download the documents, you will need the free program called Adobe Acrobat® Reader®. You can download it for FREE from Adobe. Click here to be redirected to Adobe's download page.

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